Griz (Cream of Wheat)

Ever heard of Griz?  Sure…doesn’t everyone remember the quote from Jerimiah Johnson:

Old Mountain Man:  “Can you skin griz?”
Jerimiah Johnson:  “I can skin most anything”
<walk towards cabin>
OMM: “Now boy, are you sure you can skin griz”
JJ:  “Just about as fast as you can find them”
OMM:  Laughs head off

(Don’t get the reference?  Check out this post for some clips from the movie I found on you tube.)

No, not that kind of griz….griz like in the picture below (click in to read more)


I saw it in the store and wondered what it was like.  Why?  Well, it looks quite a bit like a favorite winter-time cereal of mine called Cream of Wheat.

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