Ice Bucket Challenge

I was challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge by my friend Joel.  I can’t do it really memorable here in the UK partially because I don’t have a bucket or the ability to make enough ice (and I’m not paying what they want for a little bitty bag).  I decided to do something geeky instead.

Well, I can’t embed it. Go here on our flickr page to see it.

Near Death Experience

this week's near death experience

First off, this story about this three-year old girl is sad (and happy).  I’m glad she’s alive.  I’m glad her parents get to spend more time with her.  I can’t imagine the pain if something happened to Lydia or Isaac.  But, that being said, I don’t think this girl saw Jesus.  I don’t think any of the near-death experiences reported by people are of heaven.  

Could God do something like that?  Sure.
Would God do something like that?  Perhaps.

But, that being said, I don’t think one would want to come back from the Biblical heaven.  The presence of God there, the sight of the Lord and Savior Jesus, and everything else the Bible has to say about the real heaven make me doubt every single one of these stories.

image from Jhayne via flickr

Cyndi is a Super Wife

I don’t remember when or where this picture was taken (at a Starbucks somewhere in Europe it looks like).  But I just wanted to post it and tell everyone what a great wife Cyndi is.  I’m lucky blessed to have her as my wife.