They want Peace

I read thisnews story in the examiner today talking about the numbers of students in the balkans desiring peace.

From the article:

In Serbia 90% of students polled stated that “war shall never be the choice of the Serbian people with its neighbors and war should only be used as a last resource.” 95% support Serbia to become a part of EU and they strongly believe that if all Balkan nations became part of the EU problems of ethnic division would disappear.  They also believe that the economy would flourish in the Balkans.
In Albania 97% of students support a peaceful solution in the matters of Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. 100% support Albania joining the EU.
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 85% support a peaceful solution with Serbians in any dispute over land and other problems.  93% support their country to become a member of the EU.
In Kosovo, 95% of students are against the war with Serbia and prefer peace instead.  99% support Kosovo to become an EU member. 100% support Kosovo independence.
In Macedonia, the poll showed 100% support peace among ethnic groups and 100% support their country to become a member of the EU.

Image from Nieve44/LaLuz via flickr

Serbia/France 2009 Football/Soccer

Well, one would think that in 90+ minutes I could have posted more.  But, I was eating wings and learning about soccer/football from a friend.

There were a ton of yellow cards handed out and 2 red cards (one in the first 3 minutes of the game to the French Goalie).

The final score was Serbia 1 and France 1.

Serbia/France 2009 Football/Soccer

3 minutes in.  score 0 0.  Sorry I’m late…I was cooking wings.

 One thing of note…when the French Anthem was sung, they got booed.  When the Serbian Anthem was sung, everyone sang (the game is in Belgrade).

War on Wasps/Yellowjackets

Over the summer, we’ve had the occasional wasp in our apartment.  Last week, I made a homemade trap to try and trap them.  Today, while making wing sauce, I walked in and discovered at leat a dozen!  I proceded to kill them all.

War on Yellowjackets/wasps!  Anyone have any ideas for a repellent/trap that we can make with homemade “stuff?”

Image from quinet via flickr.  Found using everystockphoto.