Neat looking cool game

It you want a neat looking 3d game you have to assemble, go here.  It’s only available until the end of october 2008.  Just so you know, it is based on the Haunted Mansion at Disney World/Land (the one in Flordia).

[Update 2012-12-26 15:54:08] The domain for the game went down and was throwing errors.  It was at

Master Life Update


I’ve just finished my first Master Life book–well, I finished it late last week actually.  It was a good study…I’d recommend to just about anyone to do it.  It was fairly basic stuff, but it was good to review and get a different perspective on things.

The whole study focused around The Disciple’s Cross with Christ at the center and various ministries (such as prayer, evangelism, etc…) forming the four “bars” of the cross.  I’m uber cusious about how this will come into play in the later books in the series.

For now, though, I’m taking a break and just spending some time reading the Bible.  I haven’t figured out where to go so I’m kind of wantering right now.

But, you probably remember that I made up some electronic copies of the lists in the book.  Well, after using them, I decided they were too big.  So, I redid the files and set them up so I could print 4 per page.  Below are the updated copies.  You’ll have to monkey with your printer settings so that you’ll get 2 pages on the front and 2 pages on the back.  Below are the links:

Master Life Prayer Covenant 4 per page
Master Life Mast Time sheet 4 per page

This post is an update to these two posts.

[Update 2012-12-24 15:21:55] Updated file links to work with https

You’ll Never Guess

What I just watched on the TV here. Well, we have NASN. And it is college football season. And we used to live in Columbus.

I just caught the end of the Buckeye/Lion game. I only saw the last 2 minutes or so of the game. I wish I had seen the whole thing. The score ended up and was 13/6 Lions. But when I started watching, the score was 6/0 Buckeyes. It looks like the kind of game I really like…nice and close with everyone playing hard.

Did anyone in Columbus see the whole thing? Care to comment on how the rest of the game was?

Image from plemeljr

Time Change

We just wanted to let you guys know that our time changed last night.  We “fell back” 1 hour.  So, instead of being Eastern time + 6, we are now Eastern time + 5.  I’m certain that the US didn’t change and until that happens, we’ll be an hour off.

Prayerwalking — 24 October 2008

Prayerwalking is something that we started doing in Richmond. With our move to Serbia, it was something that I wanted to keep up; however, yesterday was the first day I had to spend some serious time prayerwalking. I decided to do this differently than I had in Richmond…I wanted to document everything with some pictures. Besides helping me remember where I had been, the pictures would help everyone see some sights around town. So, to read more, click in.

[Update 2012-12-26 16:20:21] Some internal links were messed up.  I’ve corrected them.

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Beaver Pelts

 This morning, there was a show on Discovery called How’d they do that.  They usually talk about generic things, but today they shoed how beaver pelts are taken from “buck” form (is that what you call the pelt that has been stretched by the trapper.  Also shown on the left.) and made into a finished form that will be sent to a garmet manufacturer.  It was very interesting.  If I had it to post for everyone, I’d post it….Alas, I don’t.  Sorry.

Java Tutorial 0.1a

I had a friend here ask me about learning Java.  I told him that I didn’t know Java, had to learn about it, and would get some things together and we could learn together.  He was very willing and excited.  I expect to refine this over time, so I decided that I would post an ISO of the Cd that I’ve made for this first round so others could download it if they wanted.

 Here is what is on the CD:

Eclipse  3.4.1
Eclipse Tutorials
An easy install document that I wrote.

Eclipse the the tutorials have their own licenses–that allow redistribution.  The install document was written by me.  I expect to enhance this with my own notes as I go through the process of learning Java with Eclipse.  If you know Java and want to give me any suggestions, go for it.  Leave me a comment.

The ISOs are available here:

Learn Java With Eclipse Compilation CD version 0.1a (383,174,565 B/383 MB)
Learn Java With Eclipse Compilation CD (current version) (383,174,565 B/383 MB)

As of today–25 Oct 2008–both of these are the same.  As I update the CD, I’ll keep the older versions online and just update the current version.  The name (and URL) of the current version will always stay the same.  The old files will have the format of YYMMDD_JavaCompilationCD_Version.iso

[Update 2012-12-26 16:03:26] With the site upgrade, I had to move these files around to clean up my hosting directory.  I’ve reuploaded them and redone the links.  Well, they’ll be correct once the upload finishes  :^)