TMC final

well the ride is over
final stats   miles 120  time 7hrs 40min   average 15.5  mph
no one had flat tires or anything
I know Matthew will post the final stuff and pics

TMC 1530 update

last update before they arrive back home
They have come 103 miles and the temp is 65 now.
Only about 12 miles to go.
OUTBACK here we come.

TMC 1330 update

update time again
temp is 61 and they are still averaging 16 mph  which is great
they passed a sign that said 43 miles to go to Richmond and they have
gone 75 miles so far
back in an hour or so

TMC 1230 update

It's now noon thirty and they are leaving Willliamsburg.  Temp has risen to 61 but it is a great fall
day for a bike ride

TMC 1130 update

Well, they have arrived in Williamsburg and are preparing for pictures and all of that hooplah
they temp is now 59 and the total miles is 59  Not sure of the mph as of yet.  The next update when they start back. 

TMC 1015 update

Next update
The temp has resen to 54 now and the long riding pants have been shed for shorts.
They have been visited by a VA state trooper and informed that they must use flashers on the
follow car to warn those coming up behind.
Anyhow.  They are at 45 miles and the average speed is 16.3  Not too bad for this far into the trip
They are almost to Williamsburg and will stop there for a photo and some snacks and then turn around
for the downhill side of the trip

TMC 0830 Richmond time

Just talked to Cyndi on the phone.  They left the office as planned a little before 0700.  The temp is rather chilly but they are progressing.  This was the first break they have gone 22ish miles at an average of 16.8 mph.
Not bad for thee temp being 38 at the current time.
Half way to Williamsburg  Not much traffic