Special Request

We are travelling to Belgrade today to meet with a friend. Pray that while we are there:

1) We would have opportunities to share
2) We would meet some people that would provide lasting friendships and connections while we are here.

Because of this, we may not get to blog over the next few days. Rest assured…when we return, we’ll let you know about our trip.

Thanks in advance!


Well, Cyndi is feeling better (and Lydia has been better all weekend) but I’m sick now. Please pray for me that I’ll get better and can attend sessions again.

Lydia is sick

Please join us in prayer as Lydia has come down with the flu. This isn’t a great time as we are in the middle of our orientation to prepare ourselves to live overseas. There are some rules about what we have to do so other people don’t get sick too. This means one of us needs to stay at home with her while the other goes to class.

We are going to trade off (one watch her in the morning while the other watches her in the afternoon) while she gets better.


My boss’ dad is having to have surgery next month. I won’t go into all the details here. Remember him in your prayers. He is a believer.

—————-Email From My Boss—————-
My dad is scheduled for a MRI on 5/19 and surgery on 6/14. The wait is required in order to coordinate the schedules of the 3 surgeons. The wait is hard for my dad. We need to trust that God will have him in the hospital at the exact time that He desires and that God’s purposes will be worked out during this time of waiting for His glory.

————–End Email From My Boss—————