Random Lydia Picture

I’m working on uploading all of our pictures to Flickr (sorry for the current mess in the Photo Gallery) when I ran across this picture of Lydia.  I thought I would share it with everyone:


To stuff or not?!

Ok, do you prefer your turkey stuffed (and I mean with stuffing) or do you prefer crunchy stuffing?  I like my stuffing nice and soft from the interior of the bird.  All you do is stuff the thing, cook the bird until it is done, and eat.  no extra muss…no extra fuss.

 How about you?  What do you do?  Why?

Latest Viral Video

I came across this video this morning while looking for some stats about flickr (I was trying to find who has the most pictures).  I guess the first version caused quite a stir regarding one of the pictures.

 The googiest thing I don’t understand is how a person can take a picture (and get paid for it under contract from a company) yet still own the copyright to their works.  Every place I have ever worked as a programmer has required me to turn over the copyright of the stuff I create to them (well, that’s not really how it worked…technically, they say they have the rights to everything I create on company time).  I don’t get it….

 Anyway, here is the video:



Neat Picture

I came across this photo on flickr tonight and wanted to share it with everyone.  Very nice picture…..




New Picture Gallery

I just wanted to let everyone know that Cyndi and I have moved our pictures to Flickr.  I was having issues trying to run my own picture gallery (although that is still the longterm goal I’ll settle to simply have the pictures here).

I would have gone with Pacassa; however, google simply wanted too much.  $25/year for unlimited pictures is way better than google’s per megabyte per year charge.

Admin Shares and Vista

Well, our computer died a few months ago and we got a laptop to replace it.  It came with Vista (joy of joys).  After trying (yes, I really tried) to get used to UAC, I turned it off (what a stupid feature.  I know…I know…it is supposed to make it more secure, but I fail to see how.  Everyone is just going to click yes or allow to every stupid dialog that comes up.  I digress….).

Anyway, vista doesn’t set up the admin shares by default (you know, the C$, D$, etc… shares).  Well, that isn’t so much of a problem (I’d rather have to enable them than turn them off) but instead of a nice setting (set up admin share or something nice), I’ve got to add a registry key?!

 For more info, read this article .