reed diffusers

Just a heads up for those of you who have seen these reeds diffusers in stores.
I purchased a couple of them in Pier 1 and they really do work.  I thought maybe they
would evaporate quickly but I have had one in each bathroom for over a month and
they seem to be doing great.  I turn the reeds around the first of each month, as suggested
by the sales girl.  I am sure they will last the intended 6  months.  Yankee Candle has some
also they are a bit more expensive. I would not buy the cheapy ones in Wally World, they
may not last as long.
Anyhow,  just thought I would pass that on to everyone.

Duct Tape Wallet

Found this on the internet and thought I would pass it on

It looks very interesting

10 years later

Tomorrow, July 17, 2006 is the 10th anniversary of a horrible disater that changed the lives of many. TWA flight 800 anniversary
There are MANY articles online about this disaster.