October Cell Phone Minutes Used

Here's a summary of our cell phone minutes last billing period:

Anytime Minutes      542.0
Night & Weekend Minutes      482.0
Sprint Mobile to Mobile      1,146.0


Lessons for children

I haven't posted in quite a while, so I thought I'd share that Lydia and I are doing very well.  She starting to make her presence known more every day…both inwardly and outwardly!  It's exciting to feel her moving around and I think Matt should be able to feel her any day now :^)

Speaking of Matt, it's been a long week with him in San Franciso, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time with family and friends in Columbus and Huntington!  God has blessed us so much during our time in Richmond and I know it's where we're supposed to be…but it's always nice to visit those "back home" people and places!!

It was a long, but uneventful, drive home in the rain today.  I got into town a little after 8 and stopped at the store to pick up a couple of things for tomorrow morning.  I was approaching the milk section and there was a woman (probably close to my age) there with her daughter (maybe 5ish).  The little girl was spinning around and not paying attention, so I just watched where she was going and moved past her to grab a carton of milk.  She wasn't really in my way and I didn't have to push past her to reach the shelf or anything.  As I was putting the carton in the basket and turning away, her mother said that if anyone tried to push her or not say excuse me that that was rude and she should feel free not to move.  I realize this was for my benefit as she obviously felt that I had treated her daughter poorly.  I may be tired from a LONG day of travel, on top of being 6 months pregnant, but I'm pretty sure I would remember pushing a child out of my way or squeezing past them to make my selection.  I didn't say anything, just continued with my errand so I could get home.  The more I think about it, though, the more troubled I become.  Even if the mother felt I had been rude to her child, why would she go all passive aggressive in an attempt to put me in my place??  All she did was teach her daughter to return rudeness for any perceived slight and reinforce to me the necessity of teaching Lydia (and any future siblings) the importance of graciousness and a forgiving spirit.  What happened to the Golden Rule??  If someone is rude to me, or my child, I want to strive to always model patience and turning the other cheek.  I would hate for our children to think that rudeness or poor behavior is acceptable if someone else has treated you in such a way.

Now that I think about it, the best witness may have been to apologize for any unintended/perceived rudeness…then again, perhaps holding my tongue was the best course of action.  Anyone who teaches their child such a lesson probably isn't receptive to attempts at reconciliation.  We really need to pray for parents and for this generation of children…not that they should be doormats, but that attitudes of thoughtfulness and forgiveness would abound far more than a spirit of selfishness and entitlement. 

Books Read on the Trip to SFO

It has been quite some time since I posted about books I have read (probably because I haven't had too much spare time to read).  On the trip out, I finished two books that had been in my stack…one for a few weeks and one for several months.

I read Steve Saint's book entitles the Great Omission.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in missions.  He makes some interesting points that cause everyone to think.

The second book I read (actually finished) was Gordon MacDonald's Order in your Private World.  This book is a must read for anyone who feels caught up in life or anyone seeking to balance their life.

It is currently 1:35 am to my body…I'm going to try to go to bed, but hopefully over the next week I'll have time to write some more information on each of these books.


Well, I made it to SFO.  The flight was ok.  I flew AirTran.  They offer XM radio (very cool) but no meal service or movies on the 5 hour flight from Atlanta to SFO  🙁

I'm staying in the Powell Hotel.  It is a cool older hotel.  The only bad thing is…no AC.  Can you believe it??

Tomorrow, their is an OAUG (Oracle Application User Group) meeting at 8:30am (yep…8:30am) dealing with Siebel I plan on going to.  After that, there is a cool looking AJAX session at 1400.  Oracle's stuff starts tomorrow evening with a keynote at 1800.

If anyone comes across these posts, I'm interested in good places to eat in SFO around the Moscone Center.  I'd also like to go to Chinatown and eat Chineese.  Can anyone reccomend a good place?

If you are at the conference and want to get in contact with me, just give my cell a call.  That number is 804.519.7525.

Off To Oracle World

I'm sitting here in RIC waiting for my flight to SFO.  I'm headed out there to go to Oracle World.  I'll try to blog my schedule the night before then post my impressions of the day after everything has wound down.  I have my camera so I'll take pictures, etc…..

Boy I Feel Safe

Boy, I'm glad that the TSA recently changed the rules about liquids on planes.  I can now take liquids and gels as long as they fit into a quart ziploc baggie.  I feel so safe now that I had to go out and buy a travel size shaving cream and toothpaste.  You know those half-filled containers are just soo dangerous.

Just in case you can't tell, these new rules don't make me feel any safer at all.  I felt safe beforehand.  What about the terrorist who plans to kill all the flight attendants with their ink pen?  What about the terrorist who makes their driver's license out of c4?  Come on people….this sort of thing is just stupid….it doesn't make us any safer.


Isabella Crib Well, Cyndi and I bought a crib today. We had been looking around town and looked and looked and looked. We started at Babies R US, went to Wal Mart and Target then several other local stores. We saw lots of cribs. We saw lots of cribs made out of pressboard. We saw lots of cribs made out of MDF. We saw tons of stuff. AND they were expensive! I think the average price for pressboard at Babies R US was somewhere around $300. Can you believe it?!

Cyndi and I talked. I pointed out that I would rather spend a bit more and get real wood. I wanted something that would last through many many kids. I wanted something that would still be around when I was my grandparents age. I wanted something that could be used over and over and over again. Pressboard isn't that. So, we went looking for real wood.

We finally stumbled on this store next to Performance Bikes in Richmond (I forget the name). They were having a sale (10% off) and all their stuff was 10% off. We ended up and spent more than we wanted, but we got a good looking crib made out of wood that will last forever (well, provided we take care of it).

Click here to read more about the Isabella Crib at Bellini.

[Update 28 Dec 2006] I put our crib together today.  There were some discrepancies between the instructions, pictures, and reality.  I took some pictures and wrote a blog post about the assembly of the Bellini Isabella Crib.

Interesting Diaper Bag

fleurville diaper bag Cyndi and I went looking at baby beds today.  While in a local store, I saw some interesting diaper bags.  They weren't the standard girlie mushy overflowing things that people normally have.  I wrote the company name down and decided to look on their website.  I don't know if we are going to get one or not (right now, they are rather pricey).

My main point in posting is to see if anyone out there has ever used one and what they think.  Have you used one of the Fleurville bags?  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.