Isaac and his pushbike

Isaac on his bike

For Christmas, we Isaac’s grandpa and grandma got Isaac a pushbike.  2 reasons:  1) he outgrew his kid plastic push scooter thing and 2) we thought it would make an easier transition to a real bike.  He loves it, and he’s getting good at it.  This picture is him coming down the “big hill” by our place.

Need Ideas — Sleep


Cyndi and I are looking for some ideas on how to get Isaac to sleep longer (or at least stay in his room after he wakes up).  He’s soon to be 3 so he can’t tell time or anything like that.  Lydia does a good job.

Image from xtoq via flickr

Isaac and Ice Cream

Isaac with ice cream

Lydia never could have ice cream (she’s allergic to milk and eggs) but Isaac can.  Cyndi surprised me at lunch today when we went to Subway.  Afterwards, I asked if she wanted ice cream so we got Isaac a bit too.  Here he is enjoying his.

Isaac and I at coffee

Last Friday (23 March) I had just returned from a trip to Prague so I took the day off.  Cyndi had Bible Study so Isaac and I went to coffee, had yum-yums (for those who don’t know, yum-yums are kind of like donut twist things…they are really good), then went to the park.  Here is Isaac at coffee.

Isaac at coffee Isaac at coffee 2

Isaac makes 0100

More pictures can be found on flickr here. Other updates can be found here .

Well, everyone I know has been waiting anctiously for this.  Instead of 11, our family now numbers 100 (0011 in base 2 = 3 in base 10 while 0100 in base 2 = 4 in base 10).

Isaac Ethan Maxson was born in Skopje, Macedonia around 9:30am (local time).  He weighed 3kg and about 500g more (the nurse said he weighed 3kg and …umm…about 500g).  He was also 52cm long.  So, here it is in a table:

Name: Isaac Ethan Maxson
Sex: Male
Weight: 3.5kg (ish…about 7lbs 11oz)
Length: 52cm (about 20.5 inches)