I’m surprised but glad.  Unless one is doing something like mountain biking, bike helmets don’t protect.  They aren’t even designed to protect against the most common form of bike injury.  I don’t wear one.


West Virginia bike race

Looks interesting….



It’s all about performance:


If that is true, have a look at this:


Bike Ride — Feb. 10, 2009

Not too much better than yesterday’s ride.  But, this was uphill.  45 min out 10 back.  I froze on the way down.  Here are the stats:

Dist: 14.71 km
Ride Time: 58 min 14 sec
Avg. Speed: 15.3 kmph
Feb. Dist: 38.16 km
Total Dist: 313 km
Total Time: 18 hr 12 min

[Update 2012-12-26 15:50:42] The internal link was broken.  I redid it.

Bike Ride — Feb. 9, 2009

Well, I went on my first bike ride of 2009 today.  Wow.  It was horrible.  Here are the stats (sorry…my computer only does metric):

Dist: 23.45 km
Ride Time: 1 h 3 min 38 sec
Avg. Speed: 22.3 kmph
Feb. Dist: 23.45 km
Total Dist: 298 km
Total Time: 17 hr 13 min

Doing some more math, I barely averaged 13 mph.  ARG! I know, I haven’t ridden since Septemberish and have eaten poorly (I’ve gained 10 kg from my low after we arrived).  My goal is to get back in shape (where I was 1.5 years ago) and loose some weight (I’d like to weigh between 90 and 95 kg).