I passed my driver’s test … well at least the theory part of it. next is the practical test.

Cadbury Egg McFlurry

Cadbury creme egg flurry

Cyndi and Isaac weren’t feeling well on Sunday so I took Lydia to McDonald’s for lunch after church.  On the way in, I saw this advert for a Cadbury Egg McFlurry.  Cadbury Eggs are my favorite candy right behind Reecees Cups so I decided I’d try one.  I was pleasantly pleased…it tasted like a cadbury Egg in ice cream.  I don’t know if they have them in the US or not…but if they do, you should try one.


MoneyWhat part of there is no money don’t these people understand?!?!  I tell you what the problem is:  credit card debt.  With the average American being $51,000 in debt (look at the personal debt stats here).  People spend money they don’t have so they don’t see why the government can do the same thing.

What would I do?  It is really pretty easy…..make spending = income.  WOW!  What a novel idea!  How?  What would I cut?  Here is a post where I talk about it.

Image from jollyuk via flickr

[Update 2011-03-30 06:08:52] I forgot to add the link to the article.  It is done now.

Subway — Arg!

SubwayI turned up at the local subway today to get a sandwich for lunch.  I had to run to town for some errands and subway is a healthy choice.  I’m also a member of their sub program.  Well, I ordered a subway club (like always) and went to the till.  I expected to tell the guy just to keep the 1p change and go on.  But, he told me that policy had changed and I was to be charged for cheese.  Imagine that!  Charged for the standard cheese!  Arg.  Well, there are people behind me in line and I had already made enough noise asking about the policy, so I didn’t ask them to remake the sub with no cheese (like I should have).

Anyway, when I got back, I looked up the phone number, rang them, and registered a complaint.  I’ll keep this up-to-date with the results (they said I should hear something back in 3 working days).

BTW, the only relation the picture in this article to the complaint is the subway.  I wasn’t at the one in the picture.

[Update 2011-03-29 21:28:15]  Well, it didn’t take Subway long to reply.  Tonight, at 9:20, I received the following e-mail:

Dear Mr Maxson

Thank you for you email today in reference to extra charges.

Thank for bringing this to my attention, After I received your email I have investigated what had happened today and this
was down to some new members of the team we have and who did not understand.

We do not charge for cheese, only extra cheese, Please be assured this will not happen again, we aim to deliver good customer
service to all our customers and constantly train all new and old staff with the correct procedures.

As a valued customer I would like to offer you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, next time you come in, please bring this email and present it to a member of staff

Many Thanks

I replied back and thanked the man for his swift reply and honest business practices.  I would heartily recommend the Subway on the Redhill High Street any day!

Image from wachovia_138 via flickr


every time I come to London I always feel like such a hick. I don’t know if it is my dress (everyone else usually has on proper 3 piece suits and I do business casual) or my accent. probably a combination of both though.

Neat Picture


That is my grandpa and grandma maxson.  I don’t remember when it was taken, but flickr says May 9 2005.