Cyndi is a Super Wife

I don’t remember when or where this picture was taken (at a Starbucks somewhere in Europe it looks like).  But I just wanted to post it and tell everyone what a great wife Cyndi is.  I’m lucky blessed to have her as my wife.


Prague – June 2014

I just got back from a trip to Prague this past weekend.  It is a long story about why I went involving a piece of brand new equipment, power outages, and a fried motherboard.  Anyway, here’s a link to the set on Flickr of the pictures I took (most of clouds) and below is a selection:

IMG_20140622_160109 IMG_20140624_174806
IMG_20140624_162125 IMG_20140622_160034

How to Use This Thing?

I’ve been on planes before and gotten stir sticks for coffee.  But this one is unique in that I can’t figure out how to use it.  What do you think?  Which way should you use it?

IMG_20140624_171718 IMG_20140624_171725

not quite….

This is just dumb.  From reason the article, it is obvious India has a garbage problem.  It could be easily fixed.  If they’d dig a big hole (they are called landfills) they could put all that trash in it then cover it up.  When that one is full, they dig another big hole and repeat.  Instead the story details the problem…eben the dustbin men are going through the trash looking for things–trash–to sell.  If they would do their jobs instead the garbage would be collected.

World Cup 2014

In honor of the 2014 World Cup, Krispie Kreme in the UK is selling some special donuts.  They are chocolate covered, Kreme filled, and have a golden football on top.  Their name:  Golden Balls.  Way to keep it classy KK.  Wonder how that made it by the executives…..



I like coffee.  I like Starbucks Coffee.  But the stuff is stinkin expensive.  For me, it is a treat.  But, every time I’m there, I see tons of drinks that are less than 50% drunk.  Like the person drinking it just up and disappeared.  I’m not going to diss society in general as wasteful; however, this is.  I can’t imagine paying what it cost for those drinks, taking 1 or 3 good drinks, then leaving the rest.  Insane.  Here’s a picture I took recently.