do you think? what was the clue

This article makes the case that climate “science” is “too green.”. Ya think?  What was your first clue?  When it was assumed?  When disagreement was censored?  Of course it it politicised.  If you haven’t bought into the argument and drank the koolaid you can see it.  If you have then you just think people like me are ruining the planet.

27 May 2014 – Gaming

We had some friends invite us over for dinner.  After, while the kids were playing, we decided to do a bit of gaming.  We played Sequence (a nice fast play).  Simon and I ended up and won 3 of the 4 games we played, I think.  Here’s one of the winning (we were green).


Look at This

This afternoon, we went to Bluewater Shopping Centre.  While we were there, the kids asked to go to a toy store (I forget the name).  While we were in there, we saw these Sulley gloves.  Note the detail shot.  I can assure you this was NOT Wal Mart.

IMG_20140527_145220 IMG_20140527_145225