Misc. baby stuff

Well…I am happy to report yet another day with no morning/all day sickness!! That makes 4 days in a row..whoo hoo :^) I've been able to mostly set aside my saltines and ginger snaps, which has been a relief. Ginger snaps, especially, have been very helpful…but you can only eat so many! This past week has been a good one with the kids at work, and all the teachers and parents have been so sweet and encouraging about the baby. It's such a blessing to know that you have a group of people praying for you and ready to help you through this amazing experience. Although the help I really need these days involves some extra nap time! As much as I'll miss the kids, I'm looking forward to the end of next week. After that Friday, I'll be off for a while and can enjoy some much-needed down time. I know I'd better enjoy it while I can, because after January…there won't be any for a long time!!

June Cell Phone Minutes Used

Anytime Minutes      501.0
Night & Weekend Minutes      473.0
Sprint Mobile to Mobile      1,044.0
Roaming Minutes      1.0

First Baby Visit

We are sooo blessed! Today was our very first baby visit! It was a little overwhelming, but mostly very neat. Dr. Royal is very nice and I felt really comfortable with her. Matt was a trooper…hanging out with me the whole time. The best part was definitely getting to see the baby and hear the heartbeat!! Little One waved his/her arm buds at us and seemed happy to "smile" for the camera. We'll be posting the ultrasound pics shortly. The rest of the visit was pretty straightforward: meet/greet, question/answer, poke/prod…Dr. Royal is easy-going and easy to talk to, so I'm looking forward to future visits. My next appointment is August 1, at which point I'll be 14 weeks. I get pretty nervous/excited about stuff, so my blood pressure was a little elevated (white coat hypertension), but other than that everything was great! I even got a bag of goodies (books, pamphlets, coupons, etc.). We were a little concerned about some insurance stuff, but a quick phone call relieved those anxieties. After some relatively minor copays, everything else is covered 100%…Praise the Lord!!
Now that the first visit is behind us, I'll be posting baby updates regularly 🙂

24 June 2006 Bike Ride Info

I thought I would post an image of my bike ride Saturday. It was the longest ride of the season so far, but very good. All it did was get me in the mood to ride some more.

For stats of the ride, refer to my June 2006 Bike Stats page. If you want to see a larger image of the ride, click the small thumbnail image below.

24 June 2006 Bike Ride

[Update 2013-01-06 09:43:48] removed link to bike ride stats and added image to flickr