this morning…

I woke up at 4:30 am too pick someone up at the airport.  Holy cow….it was already daylight! Not dawn but daylight.  And we’ve got a month until the longest day of the year.  Wow

25 May 2013 — Rochester, UK

On May 25th, we went to Rochester.  Our original goal was to go to Rochester Castle.  We made it and had an excellent time.  The castle grounds are free…you just have to pay if you want to visit the keep.  Of course, if you are an English Heritage member, entrance is free.  The keep is really well preserved for being built in the 1100s!  Here are a few pictures and our flickr set has all of the pictures.

IMG_20130525_124235 IMG_20130525_141417

As we were leaving, we saw a sign for Upnor Castle and decided to go.  I’m glad we went because I learnt a great deal about English History.  Turns out that the English kept their navy in this estuary that was guarded by Upnor Castle.  Then, in 1666 (I think) they had a big battle with the Dutch where numerous ships were lost.  Of course, they don’t keep their navy here any longer (the ships are too big) but it was a neat place to see (and has made my I’d like to go back to) list.  Here’s a few pictures from it, and as always see this set on flickr for more.

IMG_20130525_143550 IMG_20130525_143821

weird experience

As I got off the plane from agadir Morocco there were some border security guys there checking… just looking… at everyone’s passports.  I still had to do passport control like normal.

This was just out of the ordinary

{JoooidContent “type” : “map” , “id” : “1368028529380” , “width” : “400” , “height” : “300” , “align” : “center” , “latitude” : “51.45852” , “longitude” : “-0.44575” , “map_type” : “MapTypeId.ROADMAP” , “zoom” : “7” , “text” : “Heathrow Airport Terminal 4”}


One more thing the Pres is wrong on.