My Birthday Present — Early but not too

New Kindle

Today I noticed that Amazon had introduced a new kindle (for more information, go here).  They have the traditional form factors; however, in the smaller 6 inch form factor, there is a choice between a 3g and a wifi. I got the 3g version because the free 3g and surf the new from anywhere is too awesome to pass up.

Don’t  worry though…it won’t ship until the end of August.  Cyndi is going to be in the states in September and will pick it up.  She won’t be back until my birthday…this works out well.

When I get it, I’ll post pics and a review.

[Update 12-02-2010 06:04:43] Edited the Kindle link to use my new affiliate link.  For information why, see this post

Dippy Eggs and Soldiers

Dippy Eggs and Toast Soldiers

I’ve tried since we got here (a total of 4 times so far) to make dippy eggs and soldiers (basically soft-boiled eggs and toast).  So far, I’ve managed to overcook them to hard boiled every time.  I’m trying again this morning, but does anyone have any ideas for me?  Here’s what I do:

Take the eggs out of the fridge
Fill a pan with water to cover
Add the eggs
Put it on the heat
Wait for it to boil
Turn the burner off and wait

[Update 07-29-2010 06:46:58] Still not today.  The yolks are more creamy than before today…but still hard boiled.  BTW, I left them in the water as long as it took to make 4 cups of coffee in a filter pot.

Image from vissago via flickr

Food Network Birthday Cake Challenge

One of the channels we get on our freesat box (that isn’t really free…it’s more like a $20 per month view box…but that is another story) is Food Network UK.  One of the shows on there is Food Network Challenge.  Last night, we saw this birthday cake show.  One of the challengers made a UGLY (pronounce it like yugly…it starts with yugo…like the car) cake.  Here’s a video about it:


Here’s another article and some pictures.

Update on Maxson Clan

Internet is Temporarily Unavailable

Ok everyone…I know I’ve gotten bad about blogging over the past few months; however, the last few weeks haven’t been my fault.  The Maxson clan moved to England on the Island of Britian that is part of the UK (confused?  Watch the video embedded below).

Before we could get internet, we had to set up a bank account.  We went to the bank the first week we were here and turned in the paperwork.  Just a few days ago, we got our information (we are still waiting on the ATM cards).  I called that day and got set up with an ISP, but we are waiting for them to install it.  We’ve been given a date of 6 August as the setup date.  Until then, internet access is very spotty and we don’t have bandwidth to do things like upload pictures.

Until we get our internet set up, you’ll just have to sit tight and wait for new pictures.  When we get internet, I’ll make a real post and fill everyone in over what happened the last month.

Image from Leia via flickr