I heard this guy this evening/afternoon

And I actually like his idea.

I think that the House needs to stop playing backcourt basketball and put the ball in the forecourt and make the Democrats play defense. And one way to do that might be to send the funding back as it is but with an attachment that says, “Okay, we’ll go ahead with Obamacare as you want it, but no exemptions. Nobody gets an exemption. Everybody has to have play on the same playing field. That’s only fair.” Fairness is the Democrats offer. Then the Democrats, if they reject that, are going to have explain to the American people why they’re willing to shut down the government in order to keep the exemptions for their favorite groups.


Read the Bible Through


For the past 6 years or so, I’ve done a Read The Bible Through In A Year program (the same one every year).  Here’s a pdf of the schedule just in case it ever goes off-line.  2 years ago (I think) was the year I didn’t finish:  I finished it on 3 or 4 Jan the following year.  Well, over the summer with my travels, I got off schedule.  I’ve been playing catch-up for the past month or so.  Well, today I’m at least in the right month!  I’m caught up to the correct month!  Yay!

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Foot Binding

Chinese Bound Feet(6) Chinese Bound Feet(5)

I always assumed that there was no one living today who had their feet bound.  What am I talking about?  Chinese foot binding, of course.  The practice was ended in 1912 so I always assumed that there was no one living today who had their feet bound.  Well, yesterday, I stumbled on this article at the Daily Mail of a lady who has bound feet.  I think it is interesting…we–well people there at least–can talk to this lady about what it was actually like.

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