2007 Missions Century

Over the weekend, I rode in the 2007 Missions Century. It was great. God gave us wonderful weather and kept us safe. This year, we had 12 people help out and 9 people ride (those numbers are both a three-fold increase over last year). At the outset, I personally wanted to average atleast 16mph; however, we had some people riding who had never ridden a century before and were looking to average 14mph. Well, we all decided to hang together (better fellowship and with such a small group, it was much nicer).

Cyndi took some pictures (I should have taken a camera with me but didn’t have room and decided a spare tube was more important 🙂 ). We’ll get those off the camera and onto the computer and web shortly. But, to tide you over, here are some stats:

Total Distance: 100.39 mi
Total Elapsed Time: 9hrs 15 min
Total Riding Time: 6hrs 53min 12sec
Average moving mph: 14.5 mph
Total bike miles this year: 1870

Thank you very much to everyone who prayed and gave!

7 Month Update

Obviously, it’s been a couple of weeks since Lydia turned 7 months, but better late than never!  She is growing up soo fast.  She sits up so well and propels herself forward in her walker (in case anyone is worried, we have a single-story house).  She also continues to be VERY curious!!  Our little Lydia is one nosy girl, always reaching for things and trying to figure stuff out.  She can be a little rotten…crying when she doesn’t get her way or coughing to get our attention, but mostly she’s as sweet as can be :^)

She sleeps well most of the time and is enjoying “real” food more and more.  Her hair is a pretty shade of brown and is really filling in nicely, and her eyes are such an interesting shade of blue.  Right now, she loves to chew on her toes, tags (on toys, blankets, clothes, etc.), and remote controls!  She continues to be a good traveler and a generally happy, good-natured little person. 

A couple of weeks ago, our little one managed to pull herself up!!  She was sitting in my lap on the floor in front of the filing cabinet while I filed some papers.  She grabbed the edge of the drawer and pulled herself right up.  I guess her nosy-ness is serving its purpose 😉  She kept doing it, and even showed off for Matt when he got home from his bike ride.  She doesn’t seem interested in crawling or pulling up in general, but I know it’s only a matter of time.

We took her to an allergist last week to try to figure out some of her ongoing allergy issues (as indicated by skin reactions).  She was AWESOME during the entire appt., never fussed or cried at all.  He tested her for several things, with dogs and egg whites being the only positive results.  So I’m egg-free currently and we return in another week for a follow-up and some additional testing.  We have seen God’s hand of protection on her so far and He has blessed her with great coping skills through all of her skin trials and dr visits.  We’re praying for no further allergies to be revealed and for her to outgrow her current problems.  But whatever happens, we know that He is in control and that parenthood is an amazing opportunity for growth, patience, and blessing as we trust Him through each moment. 

One of these days, I’ll get caught up on posting her pictures.  And maybe I’ll even blog more regularly.  Then again…





Hillbilly: The Real Story Rescheduled — Date Discovered

I just wanted to let everyone know that I found dates/times on The History Channel site for their show Hillbilly:  The Real Story.  The dates/times listed are:

Sunday, September 23 08:00 PM
Monday, September 24 12:00 AM
Thursday, September 27 08:00 AM
Thursday, September 27 02:00 PM

 This post is an update to this article announcing the original show and this one announcing I found out it was rescheduled .


SysRq Key

Ever wonder what the SysRq key on a keyboard did (it is also labeled PrtScn).  Well, if you are running linux, it can do lots of cool things.  For more, see this WikiPedia article on the SysRq key.

 If you ever need to emergency reboot a linux box, remember “Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring:”

  1. Alt + SysRq + R – takes the keyboard out of raw mode.
  2. Alt + SysRq + E – terminates all processes (except init).
  3. Alt + SysRq + I – kills all processes (except init).
  4. Alt + SysRq + S – synchronizes the disk.
  5. Alt + SysRq + U – remounts all filesystems read-only.
  6. Alt + SysRq + B – reboots the machine.


The Week’s Ride

We,, I remember my first 100+ mile week (it was last year over the 4th of July).  I don’t remember how much I rode, but I remember it was over 100 miles in a week.

This week will also be memorable…it was my first 200+ mile week.  Here is the breakdown:

Memorial Day Ride:  63 miles
6 trips to work (@ 9 miles per trip):  54 miles
Office to parents:  11 miles
Extra ride Friday evening:  40 miles
Saturday ride :  77 miles

Total =  245 miles

Today’s Bike Ride

Wallace picked the route today.  It took up from Richmond up into Kind William Co.  The ride was good; however, I wouldn’t recommend it beause there were dogs.  Not just 1 or 2….7.  Wallace and I were chased by 7 dogs today!

Anyway, te map below doesn’t have our 5 or 7 mile detour on it (we got lost).  Definantly the longest ride of the year for me.