SysRq Key

Ever wonder what the SysRq key on a keyboard did (it is also labeled PrtScn).  Well, if you are running linux, it can do lots of cool things.  For more, see this WikiPedia article on the SysRq key.

 If you ever need to emergency reboot a linux box, remember “Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring:”

  1. Alt + SysRq + R – takes the keyboard out of raw mode.
  2. Alt + SysRq + E – terminates all processes (except init).
  3. Alt + SysRq + I – kills all processes (except init).
  4. Alt + SysRq + S – synchronizes the disk.
  5. Alt + SysRq + U – remounts all filesystems read-only.
  6. Alt + SysRq + B – reboots the machine.


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