Bob Roll is hilarious

For those of you not living with a cycling enthusiast, Bob Roll is an American commentator for OLN's Tour de France (or as Bob says "tour day france") coverage. He raced in the tour several years ago and we first saw him when we started watching the tour 2 or 3 years ago. He's always funny and is part of what makes watching the tour such a great experience! Before today's coverage of Stage 3, the commentators were discussing the Hinault-LeMond controversy of 1986. Hinault was a French rider who had won 5 times and LeMond (an American) was a teammate who had raced with him for years and was ready to go for the win. After his 5th win, Hinault apparently promised LeMond that he would help him go for it the next year, but when he came into the '86 Tour in great shape, he changed his tune. So LeMond was ticked and looking for sympathy among his fellow American riders. When asked if he remembered the controversy, Bob related that LeMond would fall back in the Peleton hoping to commiserate…but he'd have to fall way back 'cause they were all at the back barely hanging on. Bob had his hands up and his tongue hanging out and said they were all like animals grunting and groaning in the back and LeMond would find them wanting to discuss the situation and they couldn't even talk!!

You'd have to see Bob to really appreciate the moment, but it's so worth finding OLN and checking him out if you get a chance:)