Lydia — 1st Bike Ride

Last year, we tried to teach Lydia to ride a bike but she wasn’t very interested (and the bike was just some junk one from a neighbor).  This year, we bought a bike pump and aired up the tires on a bike we got for her.  Today she gave it a go.  And interestingly enough, took right to it.  Here are some pictures:

IMG_20140518_160416 IMG_20140518_160414

Lydia and I at coffee

Yesterday, Lydia and I went to coffee so Isaac and Cyndi could take a nap.  Here’s a picture I took while we were there.

Lydia and I at coffee

Lydia is Sick….


Last night Lydia nor Isaac slept well.  This morning, they were really cranky.  They slept all afternoon.  We went to the Carol Service at church this evening when we got sent home because Lydia was a bit warm.  Well, Cyndi and I didn’t think she was, but we came home anyway.  Well, after eating a bit for dinner, Lydia promptly got sick on the living room floor.

[Update 2012-12-24 09:44:45] While I was messing around with the site, Lydia read the title of this post.  Her reply:  “I’m not sick.”

Image from kalexanderson via flickr

Lydia’s School Program

Lydia’s school had a program yesterday to show parents what they’ve learnt this year.  Isaac, Cyndi, and I went.  Here’s a few pictures:

Lydia school program 2 Lydia school program
Isaac Watching Lydia’s England Class “dancing”

Lydia has her 1st swimming lesson tonight


Lydia loves the water.  Tonight is her first swimming lesson.

But something tells me her experience won’t be like mine with Mr. Hickman in Beeville, Texas.  That guy really cared not only about kids learning to swim but being comfortable around the water and learning to not panic.  One of the things he did…when it was time to go off the diving board you went.  If you got there and cried and wouldn’t go…a lifeguard came and threw you off.  Before then, he had us line up on the side…then a lifeguard would randomly push kids in and you had to collect yourself and swim to him.

Nope…something tells me that won’t be in the British learn to swim experience.  But, I’m comfortable around the water today partially because of Mr. Hickman

Image fro hani amir via flickr

Dairy Free Chocolate

DF bar

Lydia has a milk and egg allergy.  We found this out when she was real young–she didn’t have teeth yet–and I gave her a bit of my McDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake.  Long story short, she had a severe reaction.  Because of that, she hasn’t had chocolate (real chocolate) until today.

At church, one of our friends brought us an everything free (dairy free, nut free, gluten free, and egg free) chocolate bar.  Lydia really liked it!  The bar is made by a company here in the UK called Kinnerton.  Here’s a link to their page on the dairy free nut free gluten free egg free chocolate bar.  The image to the left came from their website…I just reposted it on flickr so I could post it here without hot linking.

Lydia, Spring, and Flowers

Lydia and spring flowers

Lydia is currently on a 2 week term break holiday from school.  Cyndi has been going to workout in the day.  Isaac can go to the creche (aka nursery) but Lydia is too old.  I told Cyndi that I could watch her so she could go.  We went to town, had yum yums, coffee, then went to the park for her to play.  Here’s a picture of her I took as we were leaving.  Why this one?  She said it was her favorite (of the 3 I took)

Lydia, Birthday Parties, and Facepaint

Here, kids’ birthday parties are a big deal.  If you invite people, you go whole-hog and hire a venue (typically a play-place sort of thing), have lots of food, and invite tons of people.  On Sunday (25 March) Lydia was invited to a party for one of her classmates.  They had face painting and, of course, she got her face done.  Here are the pictures of her in her face paint.

Lydia facepaint 2 Lydia facepaint