Snow Vehicle

It’s a good thing I wasn’t around and living wherever they filmed this video.  It would have all looked like the last minute or so (i.e. no snow).  This thing is K – U – L…KUL.


Where’d it Go?!

One of the things that drives me batty about Vista is trying to figure out where things went.  For example, your user settings and documents used to be under c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\ (in xp).  In Vista, it is under c:\users\<username>\.

Ok..that’s not too bad…but what about my documents?  Used to be c:\DocsAndSett\<user>\My Documents.  In Vista, it is c:\users\<username>\Documents.

So why are there all these shaddow folders(c:\users\<username>\My Documents\ that look legit but give you an error if you follow them?  I’m sure it is for legacy support…but how do you know that when you first look at them.

Found this article on the web tonight.  I wanted to blog about it just in case anyone else is wondering where the shared desktop on Vista went.

Picture Changes

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have decided to mark pictures of Lydia as private in Flickr.  If you want to see them, you’ll have to register for an account (they are free) then let us know your flickr username so we can add you as a friend or contact.