leaving work

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at heathrow terminal 3

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back in the US

we’ve been back in the US 2days. we have our mobile phone situation sorted. I finished the final for a class I was taking this morning. right now I’m sitting at a Barnes and noble reading my kindle and drinking a cup of coffee. I’ll write more in a few days about bring back. thank you to everyone who prayed for us the past three years and on our trip back.

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I can’t believe

in less than 1week we’ll be back in the US. that is incredibly hard to believe. I wonder what it will be like. I know one thing though … it will be difficult to leave our English friends for the summer.

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today i passed …

… my practical driving exam today! yay! I can drive in the UK now.

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holy cow …

just made it through passport control in less than 1 minute. the iris scheme is awesome

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the tube

running late. fire alarm on the tube threw me off. one train too late. arg…

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funny quote

laughing at work in the men’s room = using Facebook on a mobile device … classic example about the efficacy of blocking Facebook at the firewall. bpcuk

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argh …

though I was saving stuff in springpad but didn’t realize I needed to click the add this button. arg … ui design. every place else in the app that location isn’t a button and there is no need to click it.

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why is it …

do outlets in the UK all have switches? there must be a historical reason but, to me, why not have them hot all the time? I forget all the time to switch them on.

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