Moving Update

Well, we have now had two moving companies come and inventory our stuff. The first, Allied, gave us an estimate of 13,500 lbs. The second, United, looks like they will have an estimate of 6,000-7,000 lbs. We are still waiting for the official estimate from United, but it looks like they will be getting our business.

On another note, Cyndi and Ronda went to Richmond this past weekend to look at houses. They made good progress but didn't find a place. Cyndi and I are going back this weekend to finish that job. Randy, my boss, is letting me take some time off to finish that job. We have a few good leads, and have an idea of a house Cyndi seems to really like. We just have to wait to get there to see what will happen.


Well, the opportunity has finally arrived. Friday afternoon, Amy called me from the IMB extending a formal job offer. Cyndi and I have thought through this previously, and had already decided that unless the offer were extremely unreasonable, we would accept. Well, it turns out that the offer was good and so we have decided to accept. We don't know when we will be moving, exactly, but are expecing that to happen mid-May.

Thanks for all the prayers!

Yet More Job Info

I don't want to read too much into this, but the job I interviewed for at the IMB is no longer posted on their website. Just an interesting tidbit of info I found while surfing the web waiting for my flight out of RIC.

Interview Results

Well,for those of you wondering, I had many interviews today with many different people. Among others, I met with the CIO of the IMB, Cheri! I haven't had a face-to-face meeting with the CIO of NiSource, let alone even be introduced to him (or our previous CIO, Pat)! While tiring, the interviews were pleasant. I think I had a good rapport with everyone, and conversation came easily. I think I gave satisfactory answers to all their questions. Of course, I think I would be a good fit, but the ball is now in their court. Amy said I should hear something by the end of the week, which is good.

Thanks for the prayers everyone!

IMB Round 3

My time tonight with Ted went well. We went over the benefits provided by the IMB (for a brief overview, go here). In some ways, they are comparable to what NiSource offers, some aren't as good, and some are better. I think the big advantage with the IMB is that it would allow me to work and use my skills directly in God's work. Really, this is why I looked at them in the first place. The intangable benefit of doing what you are supposed to be doing outweighs just about everything else.

IMB Visit

Well, tomorrow I leave on my trip to Richmond, VA, to meet with people at the IMB. I may or may not get a chance to post what happens over the weekend, but I'll update everyone when I get back. Here is a summary of what I have going on:

Friday@6pm: Meet with Ted about benefits, etc….
Monday@9am: Meet with Amy and Bill
Monday@10:45: Meet with Amy, Carl, and Nicole
Monday@Noon: Lunch with Amy, James, and David
Monday@1:30pm: Wrap-up

Update on Richmond Visit

Well, the IMB has refined their plans for me to visit Richmond. Instead of flying out on Thursday, I'm now leaving on 1 April (Friday). I will return late Monday evening. All interviews have been shifted to Monday.

IMB Job Update

Well, Ted from the IMB called me today to set up the time for my trip to Richmond. It looks like everything is set for a visit next weekend (that is 31 March – 4 April). They will fly me down, get me a hotel room, rental car, etc…. I’ll have 2 “real” interviews on Friday, 1 April as well as lunch with the team I would be working with. Saturday, I’ll meet with a real estate agent to look at houses, neighborhoods, etc…. Sunday, I’m going to go to church with Ted at Derbyshire Baptist Church. (Hopefully I found the right one to link to :^). I still don’t know about Monday yet…I may just travel back home, or I may have some more meetings.

They were originally going to fly Cyndi down too, but plane tickets were in the $400 range, so they decided not to do that. But, she is going to drive to Middletown, MD, then come down to Richmond on Saturday to look around with me. Yeah, it is a bit of an inconvienience for her, but that is the best we can do on such short notice.

Again, if anyone has any information about Richmond, churches in the area (we are looking for a good conservative church), where to look for houses to rent, etc… feel free to contact us. You can find my contact information here.

[Update 01-18-2009 01:56:11] Updated contact information link.  it was bad anyway…I made it point to the contact page on this domain.

IMB Update

Well, I just got done with my phone interview with Amy at the IMB. Everyone…this is exciting! The position she is looking to fill is just about what I do now…a different application, but basically the same. I'm going to talk to Ted again by Wednesday about scheduling a time to go to Richmond and talk with the rest of Amy's team, but God is putting these pieces together! My trip to Richmond will be over a weekend (either April 4th or 11th), where Cyndi and I will get to meet the team, see the office, look at the city with a real estate agent, etc…. If anyone knows anything about Richmond, please send me an e-mail. Here is my contact information.

Thanks to everyone praying! Keep it up even though it looks like God is leading us to Richmond. We want to be sensitive to what He wants and do what He wants…regardless of how much we may want something else.

Yet More Job Stuff

For everyone out there wondering how the job situation is going, here is an update. I have a second interview at 10am on Monday with the IMB. I am also going to dinner Tuesday with the MetroColumbus DOM, and a representative from Jersey Baptist Church. They want to talk to me about my idea of providing technology consulting services to churches (if you want more information on this idea of mine, see this blog post of mine).

For those if you praying for me, this means that the situation has made much more complex for Cyndi and I. Please continue to pray that God will reveal His will to us, we will recognize it, and will have the gumption to do it.