IMB Update

Well, I just got done with my phone interview with Amy at the IMB. Everyone…this is exciting! The position she is looking to fill is just about what I do now…a different application, but basically the same. I'm going to talk to Ted again by Wednesday about scheduling a time to go to Richmond and talk with the rest of Amy's team, but God is putting these pieces together! My trip to Richmond will be over a weekend (either April 4th or 11th), where Cyndi and I will get to meet the team, see the office, look at the city with a real estate agent, etc…. If anyone knows anything about Richmond, please send me an e-mail. Here is my contact information.

Thanks to everyone praying! Keep it up even though it looks like God is leading us to Richmond. We want to be sensitive to what He wants and do what He wants…regardless of how much we may want something else.

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