Srecan Bozic


To all of our Serbian friends, Srecan Bozic (I know it isn’t really in Serbian…I can’t figure out how to get this computer to type in another language right now).

For those who don’t know, the Serbs celebrate Christmas on Jan 7 because the Serbian Orthodox Church uses the Julian Calendar

[Update 01-06-2011 19:29:06] The picture above is an ornament on our Christmas tree.  If the Serbs put up a tree like what we would call a Christmas Tree, they would usually do it for New Year’s and call it a New Year’s tree.  For Christmas, the traditional tree is a badnjak.

Cotton Candy — Oh Yeah!

Before we left Cacak, Serbia, a fair came to town.  We went to look around.  They had cotton candy.  Lydia and I paid about $1 for what we got and split it.  It was great.  Here are some pictures:

24052010(013) 24052010(015)

Best Restaurant in Cacak

If you ever find yourself in Cacak, Serbia, you must MUST eat at Rimini.  It servest Italian type food (pizza, pasta, etc…) along with sandwich fare (giros, hamburgers, etc…).  They are the best restaurant for this type of food in Cacak.

Here are some pictures of what the outside looks like:

17062009(025) 17062009(005)

And here is where it is:  near the traffic circle where Cara Lazara, Dragise Misovica, and Kupsulina cross.  Enjoy!



Not that anyone really is interested in the weather forecast for here, but it is dagonne HOT!  I mean HOT.  The highs for last week were all in the mid 90s and are supposed to be as high again this week.  This is right on the heels of us wearing coats (we were wearing jackets 3 weeks ago).

For this time of year, this is fairly unusual but we’ll usually get a week of temps like this in August or early September.

Image is a screenshot from Aladin weather’s website this morning.


grad-4A friend and I were out running errands today.  While we were walking through the center, I notices someone taking a picture and wondered what it was about.  Well, today I got a call saying I had made the paper!  The picture is to the left.  For a fullsize image, click on it.  You can also go to the website (the picture should be there for a few days).

Belgrade Airport Closed

20100417_BelgradeAirportEffective at 4pm local time today (17 April 2010) the Airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade (Aerodrom Nikola Tesla/Аеродром Никола Тесла) is closed because of the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland.

[Update 04-18-2010 06:39:59] As of now, the Belgrade Airport is still closed.  For more information, read this article on the expanding ash cloud.

[Update 04-19-2010 07:58:28] The airport website has a notice stating that it reopened to traffic at midnight last night through midnight tonight.

Unique Trip

 Just in case you haven’t heard, Serbia has secured a spot in the World Cup Tournement that will be this year in South Africa.  Many people will be travelling there to see the match (there are signs all over town and you can win trips from some of the major beer comapnies).  Yesterday, a young man took off from Cacak on foot for South Africa (and buy bus and hitching).  I learned about it too late to go see him off, but he will certainly have an interesting story to tell once he gets there.

Image from Zarathustra_83 via flickr

This morning’s temp in Cacak


This was the temp reported on a weather website for Cacak, Serbia this morning.  -21C (that’s about -1 or -2 F).  I think this is the coldest I have ever seen it here.

War on Wasps/Yellowjackets

Over the summer, we’ve had the occasional wasp in our apartment.  Last week, I made a homemade trap to try and trap them.  Today, while making wing sauce, I walked in and discovered at leat a dozen!  I proceded to kill them all.

War on Yellowjackets/wasps!  Anyone have any ideas for a repellent/trap that we can make with homemade “stuff?”

Image from quinet via flickr.  Found using everystockphoto.