data location…

Sure you let me keep my data in one country…but that doesn’t mean it can’t be accessed through the super secret national security letters you can’t talk about.


keep it classy

Something tells me that Oracle and sap wouldn’t have been happy with that last slide.  Way to proofread the presentation.

Oracle isn’t split between line…neither is sap


London Coffee Festival 2014

Over the weekend, we went to the London Coffee Festival.  It was cool!  Even though we paid £20 for admission, we got that back in freebies.  It was also neat to see all the coffee(s) and stuff in one place.  The neatest thing I saw was this machine to make turkish coffee (picture is first below).  It will soon be for sale in the UK.  More pictures can be found in the flickr set.

IMG_20140405_105035 IMG_20140405_091425