Obamacare — The Root of the Differences

Liberty Bell

In my mind, this article at the Heritage Foundation cuts to the heart of the differences over Obamacare.  Here’s the headline:

The White House Thought They Knew What Health Plan You Should Have. They Were Wrong.

 To me, that is the crux.  Who knows best what you need?  I (and real Conservatives–not RINOs) think that YOU know best.  YOU are the one who knows the details of your situation.  YOU know what you need.  YOU know what you can afford.  YOU are the one best qualified to decide you would rather do x instead of y.  Now, along with this comes some responsibility…if YOU make poor choices, YOU are the one responsible.

The liberals and Democrats think they know best.  They think they know what is good for you.  They think they are the ones who want to help you.  All the while, they are probably making totally opposite choices for themselves based on what THEY think is good for them (my evidence is how they exclude themselves from many of the laws they make for us).

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WOT – Day 4

Fitness First Gym

I was a bum yesterday.  I didn’t work out because I left home at 6:30 to go to London to the RSA Security Conference.  I was also so stinkin sore that it wasn’t funny.  I did track, as much as possible, what I ate.  I couldn’t track lunch because it was a buffet and I wasn’t sure what to search for.

FatSecret for 3 April 2014
Weight:  111 kg 
Waist:  123 cm
Neck: 43.5
Body Fat as reported by DietAndFitnessToday:  35.78
Total Weight Loss:  -1 kg (from start of 110kg)

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kudos Dave martin

He said we need to get buy-in before the situation gets better.

We say this all the time at work.  But the challenge for us is hot to get people to care?  It seems like no one cxares…everyone has the “I’ve got nothing to hide”


really? citizens don’t know….

Really?  Citizens aren’t able to judge how the government should balance privacy and protection?

  Wow…I’m glad we have the 4th amendment.  I just wish the government respected that



$5 trillion lost worldwide to cybercrime.  Wow.



my question

Neat.  They took my question on the RSA/NSA…although like Bruce schriner mentioned….what they said revealed a lot.

My question dealt with the new (this week) revelation that the NSA had some backdoors into encryption products from the RSA.  They answered it in terms of elliptical curve cryptography… Not the new one.

I’ll have to post some links when I get home.

[Update 2014-04-02 16:52] here’s an updated article from today that backs up what the guy said: it wasn’t really (he said ever) used.  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/04/02/extended_random_nsa_rsa_bsafe/