HOWTO — Make Coffee in a French Press/Cafetiere

In Serbia, I drank Turkish Coffee.  I learned to make it and wrote a howto on making turkish/serbian coffee.  Here in the UK, I have a filter coffee pot; however, before that I only had a french press (called a cafetiere–the french word for what Americans call a french press–here in the UK).  I like the taste of french press coffee better than filter so I’ve been drinking it in the mornings.  Here’s how I do it.  Just for note, my thermos–called a flask here–is 750ml.  That makes my french press about 900ml or so (as I get a thermos + 1 cup from it).

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Making Serbian Coffee

Before we start, I want to talk about what we are making. Some people would say the thing I’m talking about making is Turkish Coffee (турска кафа). Some people would call it Serbian Coffee (Србија кафа). I don’t think it is turkish coffee so I’m going to call it Serbian coffee. Why? Well, go have a look at these directions for making turkish coffee then compare them to what I’m doing. You’ll see differences all the way through…starting with the pot.

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