HOWTO — Make Coffee in a French Press/Cafetiere

In Serbia, I drank Turkish Coffee.  I learned to make it and wrote a howto on making turkish/serbian coffee.  Here in the UK, I have a filter coffee pot; however, before that I only had a french press (called a cafetiere–the french word for what Americans call a french press–here in the UK).  I like the taste of french press coffee better than filter so I’ve been drinking it in the mornings.  Here’s how I do it.  Just for note, my thermos–called a flask here–is 750ml.  That makes my french press about 900ml or so (as I get a thermos + 1 cup from it).

If you want the details, read more….


Coffee in a French Press 1 You need hot water for this. Either fill your electric kettle up and put it on to heat or fill your tea kettle and put it on the stove.
Coffee in a French Press 2 Now take your press. You need to put coffee in it before you pour the water in.
Coffee in a French Press 3 Here’s a picture showing the relative sizes of my press, my scoop, and coffee tin. I don’t regularly use Costa brand coffee…I use the “regular” Tesco brand. My dad really likes 8 o’clock coffee. Try a few and use the one you like best.
Coffee in a French Press 4 I take two scoops. If I had to guess, I’d say my scoop holds 2Tbsp. Dump each one into the press.
Coffee in a French Press 5 Here’s everything ready. The thermos is for the coffee after you’ve made it. The plunger thing is the “lid” and press for the press.
Coffee in a French Press 6 When the kettle boils….
Coffee in a French Press 7 Pour some into your thermos/flask. Remember to leave enough to make the coffee with. Experiment to find the right amount.
Coffee in a French Press 8 Pour the water into the press now.
Coffee in a French Press 9 Pour it fast. The grounds will swirl around and mix…no need for stirring.
Coffee in a French Press 10 I fill mine to the top. Again, you’ll have to experiment to see the right amount of water/coffee/space to use.
Coffee in a French Press 11 Put the lid/plunger on it. Don’t push the plunger down yet though. You are just doing this to keep the heat in.
Coffee in a French Press 12 Now set the timer for 3 minutes. At the end of three minutes, push the plunger down–moderately slowly. Once it is fully depressed, pour a cup, put the rest in the flask and enjoy.

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