Java Tutorial 0.1a

I had a friend here ask me about learning Java.  I told him that I didn’t know Java, had to learn about it, and would get some things together and we could learn together.  He was very willing and excited.  I expect to refine this over time, so I decided that I would post an ISO of the Cd that I’ve made for this first round so others could download it if they wanted.

 Here is what is on the CD:

Eclipse  3.4.1
Eclipse Tutorials
An easy install document that I wrote.

Eclipse the the tutorials have their own licenses–that allow redistribution.  The install document was written by me.  I expect to enhance this with my own notes as I go through the process of learning Java with Eclipse.  If you know Java and want to give me any suggestions, go for it.  Leave me a comment.

The ISOs are available here:

Learn Java With Eclipse Compilation CD version 0.1a (383,174,565 B/383 MB)
Learn Java With Eclipse Compilation CD (current version) (383,174,565 B/383 MB)

As of today–25 Oct 2008–both of these are the same.  As I update the CD, I’ll keep the older versions online and just update the current version.  The name (and URL) of the current version will always stay the same.  The old files will have the format of YYMMDD_JavaCompilationCD_Version.iso

[Update 2012-12-26 16:03:26] With the site upgrade, I had to move these files around to clean up my hosting directory.  I’ve reuploaded them and redone the links.  Well, they’ll be correct once the upload finishes  :^)