Muffin Mix

The kind you just mix with water (or milk and eggs and oil).  You know…the instant kind

Toddler Puffs

Lydia is getting so big, but one of her favorite treats from “home” is toddler puffs.  They’re really beginner finger foods, but are so very tasty.  We especially like Walmart Parent’s Choice Little Puffs (plus calcium) in any of the fruit flavors.  Since Lydia can’t have any milk products, I am a big fan of the “plus calcium” part!  They come in a pringles-type canister and remind me a lot of cereal :^)  Just a thought in case anyone’s looking for ideas for Lydia!!


Maybe I’m weird, since I know you can get excellent chocolate here, but I am such a Hershey’s girl.  Even when faced with plenty of fancy “designer” chocolates, I would 99% of the time rather have the plain old American stuff 🙂  I love regular Hershey’s Kisses and plain chocolate bars.  On a side note, I also really like mini Reese’s cups, especially around Christmas…maybe because Mom always had them around the house then even though she can’t stand PB!  I know Matt mentioned his preference for normal or even big cups, but that just means that if someone feels like sending minis sometime, I’ll have them all to myself…bwaa haa haa!!