I can’t believe

in less than 1week we’ll be back in the US. that is incredibly hard to believe. I wonder what it will be like. I know one thing though … it will be difficult to leave our English friends for the summer.

If anyone says they can’t be married…

…speak now or forever hold your peace.  Would have been funny if someone actually spoke up.  Why do I say this?  Not funny for Kate and William, certainly.  But, for the same reason I say that I like sports teams loose.  For the crazy fans.  Sometimes other people make way too big of a deal over things.

[Update 2011-04-29 21:09:51] I’ve thought about this today and wanted to clarify….my comments here were directed at the people who watched NOT from countries within the Commonwealth.  Those in the Commonwealth should be interested….at some point in the future, the child of William and Kate will be their king.

Image from edwin11 via flickr

funny quote

laughing at work in the men’s room = using Facebook on a mobile device … classic example about the efficacy of blocking Facebook at the firewall. bpcuk

argh …

though I was saving stuff in springpad but didn’t realize I needed to click the add this button. arg … ui design. every place else in the app that location isn’t a button and there is no need to click it.

why is it …

do outlets in the UK all have switches? there must be a historical reason but, to me, why not have them hot all the time? I forget all the time to switch them on.