Peppa and The Queen


For Christmas, we got Lydia Peppa Pig and the Queen on DVD.  We were watching it tonight.  Mrs. Rabbit gets an award as the most hard working person in all the kingdom and so Peppa and her classmates get to go see the queen.  One of the kids asks the Queen:

“Are you Queen of all the world”

The queen then replies:  “Not Quite”

Not quite….that is hilarious!

Banana Republic?


Now, folks, you have to admit that this is the kind of stuff that banana republics do.

Exactly.  I propose spending no more next year than the treasury takes in this year.  Real, honest cuts in the US Budget.  Don’t increase the debt limit.  The US won’t default.  The country will have to not spend beyond what it takes in.  If you disagree with that, then real honest cuts are needed in the federal budget.  I say start with the Connie Mack Penny Plan.

[Update 2013-01-17 08:07:49I’m taking a short break from this topic.

Image from fernando stankuns via flickr

This gets my goat every time I hear it…

81/365 - My Trusty Hair Clipper

You go in to get a hair cut and after you try to describe what you want, they look at you blankly.  You know…you just KNOW…they want to know what number do you use?  I hate hearing that question when I get my hair cut.  If that was all I needed to know, I could flowbee my hair and be fine.  Today, I came across this article on picking a barber.  Here’s what I read part way down the page:

if the first question the barber asks you is, “What number do you want on the sides?” run out of the shop immediately.

That got an arm pump YES from me.  I really dislike that question and wish I could find a barber like the one who cut my hair in Hermann MO.

Image from 0Four via flickr

The Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom

There’s only one thing wrong with this image….it has USAF jets in it  🙂  .

But seriously….when I grew up, USN jet noise was called the sound of freedom.  Even today, when I hear that distinctive sound, I think freedom.

Original image from xraydeltaone via flickr.  But, I mirrored it on our flickr account so I could keep a copy.


In response to someone asking about watching the Dukes of Hazzard (the TV show not the movie):

“I’d rather sit in the corner, pick my nose, and wiat for the lightbulbs to burn out!”


Just a few quotes I have heard recently:

“I want to be in the go-up before the blow-up.” (in reference to the rapture)

“I want to be close to the spout where the glory comes out.” (in reference to sitting up front…on the front row)

What do you think?

I recently saw the quote below on this web page about Cold Fusion.  What do you think?

 “…if business likes it, you love it.”

I happen to disagree.  Just because a business likes something doesn’t mean it is the best choice.  Part of your job is to always speak you mind and tell them what you think.  If the powers that be decide not to listen to you, fine.  But at least you have given them more options to think about.

If you want to you can…I guess

This was seen on a mailing list.  The discussion was about using iPods (or other MP3 players) while riding your bike in a race setting:

For communications, Cat 3 and below cannot use anything with an ear piece, but how about a Mr. Microphone?  And for music, is a small boom box strapped under the stem OK?