This gets my goat every time I hear it…

81/365 - My Trusty Hair Clipper

You go in to get a hair cut and after you try to describe what you want, they look at you blankly.  You know…you just KNOW…they want to know what number do you use?  I hate hearing that question when I get my hair cut.  If that was all I needed to know, I could flowbee my hair and be fine.  Today, I came across this article on picking a barber.  Here’s what I read part way down the page:

if the first question the barber asks you is, “What number do you want on the sides?” run out of the shop immediately.

That got an arm pump YES from me.  I really dislike that question and wish I could find a barber like the one who cut my hair in Hermann MO.

Image from 0Four via flickr

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