I think this is true


‘Now we cancel school for cold?’ he told host Terry Meiners on Tuesday.

It’s deep freeze,’ the host replied. ‘This is serious business.’

Bevin hit back: ‘Come on, now. I mean, there’s no ice going with it, or any snow.

‘I mean, what happens to America? We’re getting soft.’

I don’t think it’s getting soft so much as it is the fear of being criticised by armchair quarterbacks.

I don’t understand why….

…the UK Government doesn’t tell the EU that, regardless of the leave deal, the UK will not put up border infrastructure at the UK/NI/RI border.  Then, the EU will be the ones left putting up the infrastructure on the RI side of the border.  This, clearly, is not the UK’s problem and allows them to honour the Good Friday agreement and not put up the border.  The EU/RI will be the ones in violation then