What in the name of sam hill?!

from pygo

I guess Sears & Roebucks is going to have to start printing their catalog again.  What a goofy article….how can something TP be worse than a hummer?!

Think about it people….we grow trees in the US as crops.  Just like corn, beans, rice,sugar cane, etc…  They are raised on giant tree farm, harvested, then replanted.


Oh, the article is here.


Bike Ride — Feb. 10, 2009

Not too much better than yesterday’s ride.  But, this was uphill.  45 min out 10 back.  I froze on the way down.  Here are the stats:

Dist: 14.71 km
Ride Time: 58 min 14 sec
Avg. Speed: 15.3 kmph
Feb. Dist: 38.16 km
Total Dist: 313 km
Total Time: 18 hr 12 min

[Update 2012-12-26 15:50:42] The internal link was broken.  I redid it.

Bike Ride — Feb. 9, 2009

Well, I went on my first bike ride of 2009 today.  Wow.  It was horrible.  Here are the stats (sorry…my computer only does metric):

Dist: 23.45 km
Ride Time: 1 h 3 min 38 sec
Avg. Speed: 22.3 kmph
Feb. Dist: 23.45 km
Total Dist: 298 km
Total Time: 17 hr 13 min

Doing some more math, I barely averaged 13 mph.  ARG! I know, I haven’t ridden since Septemberish and have eaten poorly (I’ve gained 10 kg from my low after we arrived).  My goal is to get back in shape (where I was 1.5 years ago) and loose some weight (I’d like to weigh between 90 and 95 kg).