IMB Job Update

Well, Ted from the IMB called me today to set up the time for my trip to Richmond. It looks like everything is set for a visit next weekend (that is 31 March – 4 April). They will fly me down, get me a hotel room, rental car, etc…. I’ll have 2 “real” interviews on Friday, 1 April as well as lunch with the team I would be working with. Saturday, I’ll meet with a real estate agent to look at houses, neighborhoods, etc…. Sunday, I’m going to go to church with Ted at Derbyshire Baptist Church. (Hopefully I found the right one to link to :^). I still don’t know about Monday yet…I may just travel back home, or I may have some more meetings.

They were originally going to fly Cyndi down too, but plane tickets were in the $400 range, so they decided not to do that. But, she is going to drive to Middletown, MD, then come down to Richmond on Saturday to look around with me. Yeah, it is a bit of an inconvienience for her, but that is the best we can do on such short notice.

Again, if anyone has any information about Richmond, churches in the area (we are looking for a good conservative church), where to look for houses to rent, etc… feel free to contact us. You can find my contact information here.

[Update 01-18-2009 01:56:11] Updated contact information link.  it was bad anyway…I made it point to the contact page on this domain.

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