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Are you captive? We are here to help you find freedom by God's grace. Please examine our courses by clicking on the links below, and enroll today. All courses are free of charge.

That is the tagline from a website I recently visited. It is called SettingCaptivesFree. I don't know too much about what they believe, but I like the looks of their program. I also like the fact that their material is free. The guy who runs it attends Parkside Church where Allistair Begg is the pastor. Pastor Begg has a segment on ThePath, and from what I can tell, they watch who is on the radio fairly closely so I don't think this group is out in left field somewhere.

Anyway, I know that the kinds of problems the SettingCaptivesFree studies deal with are a big problem with some people, so I decided to link to them from here.

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