GOP Candidate

Ever wonder who the GOP will run in 2008? I have too. WorldNet Daily today has a story talking about a group doing some poling to try and figure this very thing out. It is a March Madness of politics.

In the first round, Rudy Giuliani defeated Gary Bauer, Newt Gingrich knocked off Bob Ehrlich, John Sununu overcame Jack Kemp, Rick Santorum beat Christi Todd Whitman, Dennis Hastert over Mike Rounds, Mitt Romney undermined Dan Quayle, Tom Ridge beat Dirk Kempthorne, George Pataki defeated Craig Benson, Norm Coleman whipped John Kyl, Tommy Franks conquered John Thune, Haley Barbour bounced J. Kennet Blackwell, Lindsey Graham over Chuck Hagel, Marc Racicot over Bob Taft and Pat Buchanan over Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bill Frist, Sean Hannity, Tom Coburn, Mitch Daniels, Elizabeth Dole, Colin Powell, Tommy Thompson, Jeb Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Roy Blunt, Chuck Grassley, Sam Brownback, Bill Owens, Tim Pawlenty, J.C. Watts and George Allen all advanced to a second round scheduled for tomorrow.

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