Lydia has her 1st swimming lesson tonight


Lydia loves the water.  Tonight is her first swimming lesson.

But something tells me her experience won’t be like mine with Mr. Hickman in Beeville, Texas.  That guy really cared not only about kids learning to swim but being comfortable around the water and learning to not panic.  One of the things he did…when it was time to go off the diving board you went.  If you got there and cried and wouldn’t go…a lifeguard came and threw you off.  Before then, he had us line up on the side…then a lifeguard would randomly push kids in and you had to collect yourself and swim to him.

Nope…something tells me that won’t be in the British learn to swim experience.  But, I’m comfortable around the water today partially because of Mr. Hickman

Image fro hani amir via flickr

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