2007 Missions Century

Over the weekend, I rode in the 2007 Missions Century. It was great. God gave us wonderful weather and kept us safe. This year, we had 12 people help out and 9 people ride (those numbers are both a three-fold increase over last year). At the outset, I personally wanted to average atleast 16mph; however, we had some people riding who had never ridden a century before and were looking to average 14mph. Well, we all decided to hang together (better fellowship and with such a small group, it was much nicer).

Cyndi took some pictures (I should have taken a camera with me but didn’t have room and decided a spare tube was more important 🙂 ). We’ll get those off the camera and onto the computer and web shortly. But, to tide you over, here are some stats:

Total Distance: 100.39 mi
Total Elapsed Time: 9hrs 15 min
Total Riding Time: 6hrs 53min 12sec
Average moving mph: 14.5 mph
Total bike miles this year: 1870

Thank you very much to everyone who prayed and gave!

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