First Baby Visit

We are sooo blessed! Today was our very first baby visit! It was a little overwhelming, but mostly very neat. Dr. Royal is very nice and I felt really comfortable with her. Matt was a trooper…hanging out with me the whole time. The best part was definitely getting to see the baby and hear the heartbeat!! Little One waved his/her arm buds at us and seemed happy to "smile" for the camera. We'll be posting the ultrasound pics shortly. The rest of the visit was pretty straightforward: meet/greet, question/answer, poke/prod…Dr. Royal is easy-going and easy to talk to, so I'm looking forward to future visits. My next appointment is August 1, at which point I'll be 14 weeks. I get pretty nervous/excited about stuff, so my blood pressure was a little elevated (white coat hypertension), but other than that everything was great! I even got a bag of goodies (books, pamphlets, coupons, etc.). We were a little concerned about some insurance stuff, but a quick phone call relieved those anxieties. After some relatively minor copays, everything else is covered 100%…Praise the Lord!!
Now that the first visit is behind us, I'll be posting baby updates regularly 🙂

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