Lydia do you want pizza or noodles tonight?

Lydia picked noodles. looks like I’m having skyline 3 way with onions tonight.

[Update 2011-03-12 17:01:33] Well, you really need to use spaghetti for this. Shell noodles just don’t give the right amount of noodle/chili/onion/cheese ratio

Petrol Prices

Petrol to hit £6.50 A Gallon

The picture to the left is from February this year.  Today, I saw petrol (gas, diesel fuel) for 1.419 pounds/liter.  That works out to 6.45 pounds per UK gallon or 5.36 pounds per US gallon (yep, they are different).  That works out to $8.62 per US gallon.

I think this is some of the most expensive gas I’ve ever seen.

Image from London Permaculture via flickr

I vote no!

Dollar BillFor starters, I never really thought about this until I moved overseas.  Now, I’m living in the UK and hope the US never switches to dollar coins exclusively.  Why?  Well, here, we have 1 and 2 pound coins and no bills.  The smallest bill is a 5 pound note.  I can pay for a purchase with a tenner (10 pound note) and get nothing but coins.  And they weight a ton.

I hate it and i think most americans would too.  This is a horrible idea.

[Update 2011-03-11 18:40:52]  Here’s another article talking about how people in the US dislike dollar coins.  After using 1 and 2 pound coins, I am one of the one’s who would vote no one dollar coins.

Image from kyaker1204 via flickr

I passed!

my height and weight came in to give me a bmi of 29.2. not what I want to be at long term but I met the test!