Isaac makes 0100

More pictures can be found on flickr here. Other updates can be found here .

Well, everyone I know has been waiting anctiously for this.  Instead of 11, our family now numbers 100 (0011 in base 2 = 3 in base 10 while 0100 in base 2 = 4 in base 10).

Isaac Ethan Maxson was born in Skopje, Macedonia around 9:30am (local time).  He weighed 3kg and about 500g more (the nurse said he weighed 3kg and …umm…about 500g).  He was also 52cm long.  So, here it is in a table:

Name: Isaac Ethan Maxson
Sex: Male
Weight: 3.5kg (ish…about 7lbs 11oz)
Length: 52cm (about 20.5 inches)


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