Isabella Crib Well, Cyndi and I bought a crib today. We had been looking around town and looked and looked and looked. We started at Babies R US, went to Wal Mart and Target then several other local stores. We saw lots of cribs. We saw lots of cribs made out of pressboard. We saw lots of cribs made out of MDF. We saw tons of stuff. AND they were expensive! I think the average price for pressboard at Babies R US was somewhere around $300. Can you believe it?!

Cyndi and I talked. I pointed out that I would rather spend a bit more and get real wood. I wanted something that would last through many many kids. I wanted something that would still be around when I was my grandparents age. I wanted something that could be used over and over and over again. Pressboard isn't that. So, we went looking for real wood.

We finally stumbled on this store next to Performance Bikes in Richmond (I forget the name). They were having a sale (10% off) and all their stuff was 10% off. We ended up and spent more than we wanted, but we got a good looking crib made out of wood that will last forever (well, provided we take care of it).

Click here to read more about the Isabella Crib at Bellini.

[Update 28 Dec 2006] I put our crib together today.  There were some discrepancies between the instructions, pictures, and reality.  I took some pictures and wrote a blog post about the assembly of the Bellini Isabella Crib.

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