Final Missions Century Route

Here is the final Missions Century Route.  I've had several people ask so I thought I would post it. To Williamsburg

Leave IMB Office.  Go left on Monument Ave
Continue on W. Franklin St.
Continue on E. Franklin St.
Turn right onto N 9th St.
Turn left onto Bank St.
Turn right onto Governor St.
Turn left on E. Main St.
Continue on E. Main St/60/5
Follow the signs and follow Rt. 5ut of Richmond (4.5 mi)
Continue on Rt. 5
Turn left onto Messer Rd. (1.5 mi)
Turn right on Darbytown Rd. (13.7 mi)
Continue on Charles City Rd. (@9.5 mi)
Continue on Charles City Rd.
Turn left onto Roxbury Rd. (1.5 mi)
Turn right onto Rt. 60 (20 mi)
Continue onto Rt 30/Rochambeau Dr. (3 mi)
Turn left onto 607 and cross interstate (.5 mi)
Turn right onto Fenton Mill Rd (5.3 mi)
Turn right onto Barlow Rd. and cross interstate
Turn left onto Rochambeau Rd. (2.2 mi)
Turn right onto 143
Follow signs to Colonial Williamsburg

From Gov. Mansion

Follow signs to Merchant Square
Follow signage for Rt 5.
Continue on Rt. 5 back to Richmond
When entering Richmond, continue on E. Main St.
Continue on W. Main St.
Continue on Ellwood Ave.
Turn left onto S. Thompson St.
Turn Right onto W. Cary St.
Continue on Cary St. Rd
Turn left on S. Hamilton St.
Continue on N Hamilton St.
Turn left onto Patterson Ave.
Turn Right onto Kent Rd.
Enter IMB Parking lot on the right

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