Learn with Noddy — Airplane

I mentioned in our podcast that Lydia had started liking Noddy.  We bought it thinking it might help us with our Serbian because the characters speak slowly and about simple subjects and with simple words (it’s for kids…which is good).  Here is an example for you to see:


This stuff is dumb

We get lots of odd channels over here. One of them that I come across is Fashion TV. They broadcast things like interviews with designers, runway shows, etc…. I never watch it and only see it when I flip by….but….most of the outfits I have seen on the channel are downright goofy. I don’t know why anyone would come up with them…let alone buy them to wear them.

Example of Why…

I ditched skype. From this paper it looks like the Chineese Government is reading the skype conversations of people. If they aren’t it sure looks like it.

I know many people called me a freetard for my stance on free software. However, at least with free software, you know if there is or is not a backdoor (well, you can at least find out…or pay someone who can find out). You can look at the code, you can compile your own, in short….you can know. With non-free software, you have no idea. If I were still using Skype, I’d ditch it right now.

Picture from re-ality