How to Use This Thing?

I’ve been on planes before and gotten stir sticks for coffee.  But this one is unique in that I can’t figure out how to use it.  What do you think?  Which way should you use it?

IMG_20140624_171718 IMG_20140624_171725

World Cup 2014

In honor of the 2014 World Cup, Krispie Kreme in the UK is selling some special donuts.  They are chocolate covered, Kreme filled, and have a golden football on top.  Their name:  Golden Balls.  Way to keep it classy KK.  Wonder how that made it by the executives…..



I like coffee.  I like Starbucks Coffee.  But the stuff is stinkin expensive.  For me, it is a treat.  But, every time I’m there, I see tons of drinks that are less than 50% drunk.  Like the person drinking it just up and disappeared.  I’m not going to diss society in general as wasteful; however, this is.  I can’t imagine paying what it cost for those drinks, taking 1 or 3 good drinks, then leaving the rest.  Insane.  Here’s a picture I took recently.


oh no….

I’ve never understood this…morally obscene because 50 to 70 percent of domestic water use is spent watering lawns?  It isn’t like we can move extra water from Vermont to California or Saudi Arabia.  What difference does it make if Bob wants to spend a small fortune to jeep his grass green?  As long as his locality isn’t under water restrictions I really don’t care how Bob cares for his lawn.

Weird Advert

While I was in London a few days ago, I saw this sign–often.  A bit of background:  there’s tons of discussion here around expanding airports, building a new one, or some mix.  LGW has these adds running.


The part I don’t get is the environmental angle.  Assuming that the elevation, temperature, and other variables are apx the same, wouldn’t a given airplane pollute the same regardless of what airport it took off from?  It doesn’t make much sense to me…

keep it classy

Something tells me that Oracle and sap wouldn’t have been happy with that last slide.  Way to proofread the presentation.

Oracle isn’t split between line…neither is sap